Osime Home Product Care

Cushion Care

For textiles like Adire, which are known for their vibrant patterns and colours achieved through traditional tie-dye techniques, proper care is essential to preserve their beauty and longevity. A crucial aspect of caring for Adire fabric is to avoid exposing it to excessive sunlight, which could lead to the colours fading.

Here are some additional care tips to ensure your Adire and African Wax Print (Ankara) fabric remains in pristine condition:

  • Embrace Cool Cleansing: Whether by hand or machine, wash your cherished items in cool water, alongside similar hues, to maintain their rich colours. For those special pieces, a cool wash at 30 degrees or the cold wash setting on your machine is perfect.
  • Inward Beauty, Outward Care: When laundering African wax print garments, kindly turn them inside out to protect the exquisite designs while they're cradled by the machine.
  • Gentle Soaps for Delicate Threads: Opt for a mild detergent

  • Storing: Keep Adire textiles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid colour fading and fabric degradation over time.

Storage Pot/Planters

For optimal care and longevity, please consider these tailored instructions to ensure your Osime Home storage pot/ planter remains a vibrant focal point of your decor:

  • Saucer Separation: Prior to cleaning, please remove the saucer to enable a comprehensive and unobstructed wash.
  • Cool Wash Care: A cold wash at a gentle 30 degrees is ideal, preserving the planter's unique finish and intricate design details.

  • Plant Care: If you're using the storage pot as a planter, we advise removing the plant before watering. Directly watering your plant within the storage pot is not recommended. This precaution helps prevent water damage to the pot, ensuring both the plant's and the planter's well-being.